Welcome to Oneway Trailers

Thank you for your interest in doing business with us. A representative from Oneway Trailers will be contacting you shortly to complete the onboarding process to full activate your account.

We have the following requirements for a carrier to be approved:

  • DOT number with FMCSA satisfactory safety rating
  • FMCSA operating authority (minimum previous 6 months in good standing)
  • W9 (for US based carriers)
  • Insurance provided by a satisfactory rated insurance provider

    1. Auto liability: $1,000,000 minimum coverage. Symbol 41 (any auto) or symbol 46 (specified or scheduled auto) and symbol 47 (hired auto) and symbol 50 (non-owned auto). If only symbol 46 (specified or scheduled auto) the certificate must state "Auto Liability to include non-owned trailers."

    2. Physical damage: Non-owned trailer physical damage coverage with a limit of $40,000 minimum or ARV (Actual Replacement Value) and a $2,500 deductible maximum (higher deductibles are allowed with a personal guarantee for the difference).

    3. Additional insured: onewaytrailers.com as an additional insured (not just a certificate holder) on the Auto Liability AND Non-Owned Physical Damage.

    4. Cancellation notice: 30 day cancellation notice of the policy.

If you can meet all the above requirements then click continue below. Our onboarding process should take less than 10 minutes if you have all the information available.